Swift Anytime iOS Workshops

MVVM in SwiftUI

Join industry expert, Sukritha K K, iOS Engineer at Strollby, where she shares her insights on structuring SwiftUI application architecture using the MVVM pattern, separating concerns for improved maintainability. 

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Explore iOS System Design

Join industry expert, Pedro Rojas in this virtual session which is focused on the fundamental of System Design. With over 14 years of professional experience, Pedro will guide you through the multiple aspects of iOS System Design.

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iOS Unit Testing Fundamentals

Join industry expert, Catalin Patrascu in this virtual session which is focused on the fundamental concepts of Unit Testing in iOS. With 13 years of experience and expertise, Catalin will guide you through the ins and outs of iOS Unit Testing.

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Freelance & Indie iOS Developer ROADMAP

Join industry expert, Mustafa Yusuf in this virtual session as he takes you through a comprehensive roadmap for building a successful career as a freelancer or Indie iOS developer.

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