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We take privacy as seriously as you do - you're here to learn Swift and it’s wonders, not get tracked. So, we've taken steps to track as little as possible about you, and what little we do track is anonymised as much as possible.You can find our full privacy policy and terms of service below, but if you have any questions please get in touch [email protected]

* For performance reasons, your requests to the site are routed through a content delivery network (CDN) so your request gets served at a location geographically near to you. Our CDN is Cloudflare, and they may include cookies with our pages to provide a better service. Cloudflare has their own privacy policy, and it applies in addition to our own.

* We do not track you on this site or any others, and we do not pass your data to any third party. Our web server does not store your IP address or any other personally identifiable information that is not provided by you. However, as noted above we do use a CDN for serving requests efficiently.

* Those who have subscribed for updates will receive emails containing swiftanytime updates and more. You can unsubscribe from these at any time using the link at the end of any email.

* We don’t serve you with any cookie that tracks your session on the site.

* If you choose to voluntarily disclose information here, such as by submitting a forum post or by replying to someone else, that information can be viewed publicly, other people can copy it, or it could also be collected and used by third parties without our or your knowledge. So, we strongly recommend you avoid posting personal data that might allow other people to contact or locate you or other users.

* We sometimes embed content from Twitter and videos from YouTube, which may also collect information from you. We aim to embed using the highest privacy settings to protect your privacy, which means we embed using "dnt on" for Twitter, "No Cookie" for YouTube. If you are still unsure, you can read more about their privacy policies here: Twitter and YouTube.

* In the unlikely event we're ever contacted by a government agency with a legal request for your data, we may be required to hand over information such as your forum posting history. Unless we are prohibited by law or by court order from doing so, we will notify you of the request and provide you with a copy of the subpoena, court order, or warrant so that you can challenge the legal process if you wish. We will never comply with any voluntary surveillance program.We may update this privacy policy from time to time, but in the case that happens you will be notified at least seven days in advance. If you have questions, suggestions, or other feedback please get in touch: [email protected]