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Engage in live mock-interviews and personalised interview preparation sessions conducted by industry iOS experts. Secure your next job with ease.

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iOS Interview Toolkit

Expertly crafted resources and guidance for securing success in iOS job interviews

Mock iOS Interview: Improve your Approach in Real-time scenarios

Tackle nerves, familiarize yourself with the interview setting, and get actionable feedback to shine in real iOS interviews

-> Understand the art of crafting precise answers.

-> Discover what interviewers really want to hear.

-> Overcome in-the-moment answering anxieties.

-> Learn key dos and don'ts for impactful communication.

->  Pinpoint focus areas tailored for every interview setting.

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Interview Preparation: Equip Yourself for Success

Navigate the competitive world of iOS Job m with tailored strategies and expert guidance

-> Access essential fundamental concepts crucial for your preparation

-> Navigate your path to preparation with a well-defined roadmap.

-> Align your preparation based on experience and targeted roles.

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Mentors who'll take your interview

Mayank Gupta

Senior iOS Engineer @Sellou
ex-100ms, Tavant

Ronak Garg

Senior iOS Engineer @Microsoft
ex-Paytm Money

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Equipping you for every stage of iOS interview and career journey

Mock iOS Interview

⏰ 60 Minutes

Boost confidence, tackle nerves, and sharpen your iOS interview skills

Interview Preparation

⏰ 60 Minutes

Customized strategies and insights for top-notch performance in iOS interviews

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