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December 9, 2022 3 min read

The Swift Anytime Bangalore Meet-up was an exciting event that brought together an enthusiastic group of iOS developers from all over India. Held in December, 2022, this event was the perfect opportunity for like-minded professionals to share ideas, network, and learn from one another.

The event kicked off with a fun and informative introduction by the Co-founders of Swift Anytime, who explained the organisation's mission and goals. Attendees were then treated to a fast-paced quiz session that tested their knowledge of iOS development, with the winners receiving some awesome prizes.

The technical talks were the highlight of the event, with speakers from different organisations sharing their expertise and experiences.

Pallav Trivedi, Senior iOS Engineer at BookMyShow, provided attendees with valuable insights into user preferences and A/B testing. He shared his expertise on how to experiment with UI using Firebase, an essential tool for iOS developers.

Rudrank Riyam, an iOS DevRel at Codemagic, took the stage and captivated the audience with his talk on streamlining iOS builds and making them more efficient with Codemagic CLI tools. Attendees were thrilled to learn about the cutting-edge tools and strategies that can help make their development process smoother and more efficient.

Bhagat Singh, Senior iOS Engineer at PhonePe, shared his experience of experimenting with SwiftUI for the Phone Pe app, highlighting the challenges and solutions of using the technology. Attendees were fascinated by his insights into the benefits and limitations of using SwiftUI in a real-world app.

Mustafa Yusuf, an Indie iOS Dev and Founder of TaskApp, delivered an engaging talk about his journey as an indie developer and provided valuable tips on how to become one. Attendees were inspired by his story and found his advice to be practical and actionable.

Kanishka Chaudhry, from team Swift Anytime & iOS Consultant at LJI, delivered a technical talk on how to create reusable and flexible components in SwiftUI, sharing code examples and real-life use cases. The final talk by Subhendu Panigrahi was about the value of community and how it can enhance your personal and professional life.

Overall, the technical talks were a highlight of the event, providing attendees with a wealth of information and insights from experts in the field. We are grateful to all of our guest speakers for their contribution to making the Swift Anytime Bangalore Meet-up a huge success.

During lunchtime, attendees enjoyed engaging discussions with their peers, discussing everything from SwiftUI to next WWDC expectations. Breakout rooms allowed attendees to continue networking and sharing their experiences.

The event was a great success, and the attendees gained a lot of insights from the speakers. We would like to thank our event sponsors Codemagic.io and GrowthSchool for their support, without which this event would not have been possible.

The event ended with a group picture and goodies for all attendees. The Swift Anytime Bangalore Meet-up was a huge success, bringing together a diverse group of professionals to share their insights and expertise. Stay updated on future events by subscribing to our weekly newsletter and following us on Twitter, and don't forget to Eat, Sleep, Swift Anytime, Repeat!

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